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    Crownpeak Optimizes Global Customer Experiences

    Our clients rely on Sagepath to optimize their IT investment and leverage the full power of their digital experience platform to meet their unique digital marketing needs. This profile of Crownpeak is the second in a four-part series outlining the strengths of each platform to help you determine the right fit for your MarTech stack.

    Haris Cajic - 06.21.2018
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    Adobe Experience Manager: Exceptional Content Management for Digital Marketing Initiatives

    Our clients rely on Sagepath to optimize their IT investment and leverage the full power of their digital experience platform to meet their unique digital marketing needs. This profile of Adobe Experience Manager is the first in a four-part series outlining the strengths of each platform to help you determine the right fit for your MarTech stack.

    Haris Cajic - 06.04.2018
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    How Good Email Marketing Really Works

    Everyday,  emails flood your inbox from people trying to sell you stuff. Here's one simple way marketers can implement more effective email campaigns to a marketplace that is growing weary of being constantly marketed to.

    Haris Cajic - 04.17.2018
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    Developing Effective Remarketing Strategies

    Websites selling online are facing a big problem: Fewer and fewer people are buying after their first visit to their site. Remarketing is one way businesses are getting back in front of their customers to increase conversion.

    Haris Cajic - 04.17.2018
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    SEO Checklist for Brand New Websites

    How do new websites convince Google that this new site will provide a better experience for their users? Our lead SEO expert shares tips that can help you take on competitors who are firmly entrenched in search engine results pages.

    Haris Cajic - 02.05.2018
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    Powerful Features Offered by Your Favorite SEO Tools

    Hundreds of SEO tools are available, but which are worth your time? Our SEO expert shares some of the best and most useful features found in leading SEO tools.

    Haris Cajic - 01.31.2018
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    Strategic Implications of Keyword Research

    Keyword lists are only as powerful as the strategy behind them. Learn how a strategic approach to filtering and implementing keywords on a site will take your SEO to the next level.

    Haris Cajic - 01.24.2018
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    Utilizing the Power of Google Sheets in Data Studio

    Data connectors such as Google Sheets allow you to organize much of your data in one place and use this data to power your dashboards. Learn how to set up and configure various types of charts in Data Studio and get them to display properly.

    Haris Cajic - 01.18.2018
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    SEO Audit 101

    An SEO audit is a procedure which documents a website’s performance based on a variety of factors. The overall goal is to identify and develop a strategy to tackle any SEO challenges the website faces.

    Haris Cajic - 01.11.2018
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    Monetizing Digital Channels

    During Sagepath’s 2017 Digital Summit, the topic of monetizing digital channels was explored in detail by experts from several large businesses currently undergoing digital transformation. Naturally, the topic of social channels was brought up. In particular, the difficulty of monetizing social was echoed several times. We all hear stories of the massive potential of these channels, but how exactly are businesses turning a profit on social?

    Haris Cajic - 01.08.2018
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    A Frail Foundation - The Deceptive Nature of Cheap Facebook Likes

    Many businesses believe that a Facebook page needs to have hundreds of thousands of likes to seem legitimate. While this is somewhat true, the means by which page likes are acquired can compromise the integrity of future social campaigns on the platform. For the inexperienced social marketer, obtaining page likes for a fraction of a penny may look good on paper, but you will eventually pay the price.

    Haris Cajic - 09.25.2017
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    Turning Off Autopilot : Why You Need to Monitor Your Profitable AdWords Campaigns

    Even if you are seeing great results, there are always opportunities to optimize AdWords. Here are some of the most important areas of your AdWords campaigns you should be monitoring.

    Haris Cajic - 08.17.2017
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    Common AdWords Mistakes That Can Hold Back Campaigns

    The question clients ask when I conduct an audit of Google AdWords pay-per-click campaigns is the same each time: “Why are our campaigns failing?” The answer can mean tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted or gained each month. The solution to this problem, as it turns out, is usually very simple and grounded in some standard marketing practices.

    Haris Cajic - 07.05.2017
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    The Curious Case of the Missing Direct Traffic

    A little while ago, a client pointed out that the traffic to their blog had dropped significantly since launching a new site in September of 2016. The initial thought was that maybe something in the new site design had a negative impact on SEO. We decided to do a little investigating.

    Haris Cajic - 05.04.2017
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    What One Month of Effective Link Building Looks Like

    Google has made no secret of the value backlinks provide to websites trying to rank higher on the search engine. If you can implement a strategy for consistently acquiring relevant, authoritative backlinks to your site, you will see similar results to the ones I’m about to show.

    Haris Cajic - 04.26.2017
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    Crafting SEO-Optimized Location Pages in 2017 — The Complete Beginner-to-Expert Guide

    Businesses with brick-and-mortar stores or those targeting specific locations must provide discrete, optimized location pages to truly maximize their visibility for local searches.

    Haris Cajic - 04.06.2017