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    How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

    With the rise in use of mobile devices, voice searches are becoming an increasingly popular trend among internet users. These searches are not only done on phones, but they can also be performed on home voice assistant devices powered by artificial intelligence agents such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Assistant.  Brands can't sit out the voice revolution. How is your SEO strategy evolving as technology matures?

    Teck Wong - 10.03.2019
  • martech audit; digital marketing tools; martech stack; martech tools; software audit;

    Digging Through the Stacks: How to Keep Your MarTech Optimized

    Does your MarTech stack deliver scalability? If not, it’s time to audit your MarTech to clean out any redundant functionalities, explore currently underutilized capabilities, and implement new technologies.

    Audrey Vasina - 09.11.2019
  • ppc trends 2019; 2019 PPC trends; digital marketing trends; digital marketing 2019; top digital marketing trends; trends in digital marketing;

    Four Noteworthy PPC Trends in 2019

    There’s a lot happening in Pay-Per-Click this year, which is why Sagepath Digital Marketing Specialist Sophie Epps is bringing you up to speed on the latest innovations in digital marketing.

    Sophie Epps - 08.29.2019
  • closed-loop reporting; closed loop reporting; closed-loop marketing; cs; closed loop marketing; marketing analytics; hubspot; hub spot; marketo; listrak;

    Beyond the Click: How Closed-Loop Marketing is Improving B2B ROI

    “Closing the loop” between marketing analytics data and customer relationship management systems is giving online marketers actionable insights for better qualified leads to better track sales and marketing efficiencies.

    Brad Robertson - 08.21.2019
  • intern; interships; summer internship

    Advice to Future Interns

    Some internships are about getting coffee or picking up dry cleaning for managers. Not at Sagepath, where Summer Intern Andy McCallum found himself challenged throughout his 12-week internship with projects that expanded his skill set and personal growth. Now Andy has some good advice that can help first-time interns get the most out of their experience.

    Andy McCallum - 08.15.2019
  • abm; account based marketing; account-based marketing; abm marketing; abm tips;

    Intro to ABM: 3 Assumptions to Avoid with Your ABM Game Plan

    Wondering if Account-based marketing is right for your organization? In part one of a three-part series about Account-based marketing, Sagepath Marketing and Automation Manager Christina Buchanan identifies three assumptions that can undermine initial ABM game plans.

    Christina Buchanan - 08.07.2019
  • intern; internship; summer intern; digital marketing careers;

    My 3 Favorite Projects as a Sagepath Intern

    How’s the view from the first rung of a career ladder? Pretty awesome, according to Sagepath Summer Intern Cassondra Machis, who shares the three projects that contributed most to her professional and personal growth.

    Cassondra Machis - 07.31.2019
  • 6 Biggest Takeaways to Apply to Any Future Project

    Sagepath summer interns Cassondra Machis and Andy McCallum share the valuable real-world insights they gained when they were given just two weeks to research and develop fresh new ideas for a big client.

  • The Key to High-Performing Teams

    High-performing teams don’t just happen. They are developed by combining the right team members with the right skill sets, aligned by strong leadership who can drive their project to completion. Sagepath Engagement Manager Alex Brizzi identifies three essential traits that are the hallmarks for team success.

    Alex Brizzi - 07.12.2019
  • internships; internships for college students; internship opportunities; summer internships; marketing internships

    My Journey to Sagepath

    It started with a 30-second pitch at a Career Fair and ended with a first day at an exciting new job. Sagepath summer intern Cassondra Machis shares her experience interviewing with Sagepath and explains why she chose to hone her skills over the summer with Atlanta’s leading digital agency.

    Cassondra Machis - 07.02.2019
  • internships; internships for college students; internship opportunities; summer internships; marketing internships

    Why I Chose to Intern at Sagepath

    Meet Andy. Andy was looking for a summer internship with a digital agency where he can use the cutting-edge digital marketing tools he’s studying at UGA in real-world situations. Sagepath was looking for a skilled intern who wanted to do, well, that. We asked Andy why he applied to Sagepath. This is his answer.

    Andy McCallum - 06.11.2019
  • integrated marketing; marketing campagins; email marketing; marketing strategies; branding; strategic planning; digital direct marketing; integrated marketing solutions; integrated marketing agency

    Build an Effective Integrated Marketing Campaign in 3 Simple Steps

    Integrated marketing campaigns are cost-effective, build consumer trust and keep you top of mind with your customers across their buyer journey. Sagepath Engagement Director Jenny Rikelman Bunn explains the three simple steps that lead to successful omnichannel marketing campaigns.

    Jenny Rikelman Bunn - 06.07.2019
  • digital signage; retail signage; customer wayfinding; digital displays; dooh; digital out of home media; indoor media; digital signage displays

    5 Essential Benefits of Digital Signage for Retail

    Digital signage gives marketers an edge over the competition with dynamic displays that capture as much as 400% more views with 83% greater retention rates. Sagepath Engagement Director Jenn Weber shares five ways digital signage can help your business.

    Jenn Weber - 06.07.2019
  • email analytics, open rate, conversion rate, click through rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, conversion rate, spam complaints, revenue rate, ROI

    9 Email Metrics You Should Be Tracking

    Many marketers believe email marketing is dead, yet insights gained continue to prove them wrong. Here are nine essential email analytics that bring high value to every organization.

    Cassandra Nordyke - 05.15.2019
  • Gartner Marketing Symposium 2019; XPO| 2019; customer engagement; Brent Adamson; personalization

    Rethink Customer Relationships for Greater Return on Marketing Investment

    Companies that consider customer engagement as sending an email with a birthday coupon are missing out on significant opportunities for customer engagement that builds brand loyalty. Learn the four primary marketing efforts that produce the highest commercial incremental value for marketers as identified in the keynote presentation by Gartner’s Brent Adamson at Gartner Marketing Symposium | XPO 2019.

    Victoria Greendyke - 05.07.2019
  • gartner symposium; gartner xpo; marketing automation; 2019 marketing trends; digital marketing; digital marketing trends; consulagencies; AI trends; martech; adtech;

    Gartner Marketing Symposium Top 9 Marketing Trends for 2019

    Marketing automation is gathering more useful data on customers and prospective customers than ever before. But as marketers get access to more data, they're still figuring out how to get the most out of it. Sagepath's Victoria Greendyke breaks down the 9 important takeaways on this topic identified by IBM's David Miller at Gartner Marketing Symposium 2019 Xpo.

    Victoria Greendyke - 05.01.2019
  • adobe marketing event; adobe digital conference; adobe digital marketing summit; marketing summit 2019; adobe marketing summit; adobe marketing conference

    Experience is Good for Business: 3 Things I Learned from Adobe Summit 2019

    Many believe your website strategy should be about putting the user first and providing them with the best experience possible – and that is exactly what Adobe focused on at this year’s Summit.

    Amanda Willig - 04.23.2019
  • Instagram; social; e-commerce; in app purchasing; in app checkout; in app advertising

    What Does Instagram's In-App Checkout Mean for Shopping?

    Is social media the next big contender in e-commerce? Instagram, or should we say Facebook, their parent company, thinks so. Here’s why in-app checkout could be game changer in the way brands spend money and increase conversions.

    Elaine Randant - 04.11.2019
  • adobe aem; aem communities; user generated content; ugc; digital asset management; aem assets; aem modules

    Create Deeper Customer Relationships with AEM Communities

    What is AEM Communities, what does it do, and should your enterprise implement it? Sagepath Engagement Manager Katherine Willingham gives you the rundown on this Adobe Engagement Manager module and its usefulness for creating branded social communities, increasing customer engagement and much more.

  • digital transformation; marketing automation; behavior-based marketing; multi-channel marketing; CRM; permission-based marketing

    Five Ways to Encourage Employee Buy-In for Digital Transformation

    Your enterprise may be ready to embrace the many benefits of marketing automation. Your employees...maybe not so much. Use these five tips to help employees understand how marketing automation can make their jobs easier and have a positive effect on their careers.

    Bruce White - 03.15.2019
  • website migration, site migration, move website, website migration checklist, website migration plan, CMS migration

    6 Key Steps to a Successful Website Migration

    Moving data successfully from one CMS to another can be tricky, requiring careful content curation and planning. Engagement Manager Katherine Willingham shares six key insights that can help minimize the risks that come with transferring old data to a new platform. 

  • digital transformation, digital technology, discovery process, digital process

    7-Step DIY Process for True Digital Transformation - Part 2

    Part one of our overview of the Discovery process covered the importance of gathering a consensus, gaining insight from stakeholder interviews, and auditing people, processes and technology. If you missed it, you can read Part One here. Part Two of our guide continues with the four remaining essential steps for effective Discovery sessions that can lead to true digital transformation.

    Nick Adams - 01.02.2019
  • sagepath, sagepath digital summit, 2018 digital summit, digital transformation

    Sagepath 2018 Digital Summit Debrief

    They came, they saw, they shared. Check out our debrief of the biggest Sagepath Digital Summit yet where a blue-ribbon panel of marketing leaders shared insights and success stories about digital transformation.

    Victoria Greendyke - 11.16.2018
  • digital transformation, digital technology, discovery process, digital process

    A 7-Step DIY Discovery Process for True Digital Transformation - Part 1

    While many companies are turning to outside experts like Sagepath to achieve digital transformation for their enterprise, budgetary requirements or corporate initiative deadlines may inspire some companies to jump in on their own. To help with those efforts, following is part one of a two-part post about the Discovery process and how it serves as an essential first step in achieving true digital transformation.

    Nick Adams - 11.02.2018
  • sagepath digital summit, digital transformation, digital strategy, digital strategies, marketing technology, marketing technologies

    Sagepath Digital Summit 2018

    Join us on Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 for a night of networking with peers, a special keynote presentation by the CMO of the Atlanta Hawks, and a distinguished panel of marketing leaders who will share their experiences in digital transformation and help you shape your own digital transformation blueprint.

    Victoria Greendyke - 10.17.2018
  • social media strategy, social marketing, holiday marketing, social media marketing ideas, holiday social campaigns, social media tips, holiday marketing tips

    6 Social Marketing Tips for Holiday Season Success

    The holidays will be here before you know it. Fortunately, it’s not too late for retail brands and marketers to get the most out of their social marketing campaigns. Bridget Szuminsky, Sagepath’s Director of Social Media, shares six tips to help you harness the power of social marketing that can make your holiday marketing wishes come true.

    Bridget Szuminsky - 10.16.2018
  • atomic content, content strategy, channel strategy,

    Blowing Up the Content Paradigm with Atomic Content

    Improving customer satisfaction and strengthening customer relationships doesn’t have to be rocket science. It just takes the right combination of relevant, dynamic and targeted content in the right channels at the right time. Sagepath’s Victoria Greendyke explains how atomic content can improve customer satisfaction and strengthen customer relationships.

    Victoria Greendyke - 09.26.2018
  • Gartner 2018 Digital Marketing Conference, CUPID, CX, customer experience,

    Increase Customer Love with CUPID

    Digital marketers are working hard to up their customer experience game, but many are falling short by failing to gather and collate valuable customer data. A fix for this, according to Gartner Research Director Augie Ray, is using a five-step framework called CUPID to lift customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. Sagepath's Victoria Greendyke shares Ray's CUPID methodology for attaining customer love.

    Victoria Greendyke - 09.05.2018
  • account management, client management, project management, account managers, client relationships,

    Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Account Management Skills

    Sagepath’s Senior Engagement Director lays out the five essential traits that can turn account managers from glorified go-fers into valued strategic partners.

    Mike Warin - 08.15.2018
  • Kentico, CMS, CMS comparison, Kentico comparison, compare CMS, Kentico assessment, about Kentico,

    Kentico All-In-One Solution for Customer Experiences

    Our clients rely on Sagepath to optimize their IT investment and leverage the full power of their digital experience platform to meet their unique digital marketing needs. This profile of Kentico is the final installment of our four-part series outlining the strengths of each platform to help you determine the right fit for your MarTech stack.

    Haris Cajic - 08.02.2018
  • social media

    Social Media 101: Start with Listening

    Being a good listener is an essential first step that can help brands with their marketing efforts. Here are two ways brands can get the most out of social listening.

    Bridget Szuminsky - 07.26.2018
  • Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 2018, customer analytics, data driven marketing, analytics technologies, digital transformation

    An Evolutionary Path for Achieving Data-Driven Marketing Maturity

    Business and IT Strategy Director Victoria Greendyke reports from the recent Gartner Digital Marketing Conference on the five levels companies go through on the path from working with “just data” to reaching the holy grail of leveraging deep insights drive business value.

    Victoria Greendyke - 07.18.2018
  • Sitecore, CMS, CMS comparison, compare Sitecore, Sitecore assessment, about Sitecore

    Sitecore: Versatile Digital Marketing with Real-Time Audience Data

    As a Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner, Sagepath builds eCommerce sites, websites, and integrations with ERPs and marketing tools including CRMs and Marketing Automation systems to help our customers grow their businesses. In the third of our four-part series about leading CMSs, we profile Sitecore, one of the most customizable packages on the market.

    Haris Cajic - 07.12.2018
  • Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 2018, multi-channel marketing, journey mapping, customer journies, digital transformation

    Balancing Multi-Channel Strategies with Long-Term Customer Needs

    Gartner’s 2018 Digital Marketing Conference brought together marketing leaders to share their latest insights into customer experience, data, analytics, MarTech technologies and multi-channel orchestrations. This is the first in a four-part series of key takeaways from this year’s conference in San Diego, centered around key insights into why companies who use multi-channel marketing need strategies that are reciprocal to what they provide the customer.

    Victoria Greendyke - 06.27.2018
  • Crownpeak, CMS comparison, Crownpeak assessment, compare CMS, about Crownpeak

    Crownpeak Optimizes Global Customer Experiences

    Our clients rely on Sagepath to optimize their IT investment and leverage the full power of their digital experience platform to meet their unique digital marketing needs. This profile of Crownpeak is the second in a four-part series outlining the strengths of each platform to help you determine the right fit for your MarTech stack.

    Haris Cajic - 06.21.2018
  • Adobe Experience Manager, AEM, CMS comparison, about AEM, about Adobe Experience Manager, AEM assessment

    Adobe Experience Manager: Exceptional Content Management for Digital Marketing Initiatives

    Our clients rely on Sagepath to optimize their IT investment and leverage the full power of their digital experience platform to meet their unique digital marketing needs. This profile of Adobe Experience Manager is the first in a four-part series outlining the strengths of each platform to help you determine the right fit for your MarTech stack.

    Haris Cajic - 06.04.2018
  • project management, project manager skills

    Five Essential Skills for Project Managers

    In the digital development world, being a successful Project Manager can be tricky at times. Here are five essential skills every project manager needs to keep projects on track and on budget.

    Griffin Knotts - 05.15.2018
  • mobile, store of the future, experience of the future

    Mobile is the Store of the Future

    The traditional employee greeter at the front of a store is gradually being replaced by a new Director of First Impressions: your customers’ mobile device.

    Eric Swanson - 05.10.2018
  • Essential Information to Know About GDPR

    In less than a month, companies that process of personal data of customers in the European Union (EU) must meet new, stringent compliance standards outline in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), replacing the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC. Yet, there are a surprising number of companies that are not prepared and are likely to miss the deadline of May 25, 2018. Ready or not, changes must be made to ensure compliance.

    Audrey Vasina - 05.04.2018
  • webby awards, webbys, liveup, live up, CMOHF,

    Sagepath's LiveUp Program is a Webby Awards Honoree!

    We are thrilled to announce that Sagepath has been recognized as a 2018 Webby Award Honoree for our work on LiveUp, the inspirational program for teens created for the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.

    Mike Warin - 04.25.2018
  • email campaigns,

    How Good Email Marketing Really Works

    Everyday,  emails flood your inbox from people trying to sell you stuff. Here's one simple way marketers can implement more effective email campaigns to a marketplace that is growing weary of being constantly marketed to.

    Haris Cajic - 04.17.2018
  • remarketing, retargeting

    Developing Effective Remarketing Strategies

    Websites selling online are facing a big problem: Fewer and fewer people are buying after their first visit to their site. Remarketing is one way businesses are getting back in front of their customers to increase conversion.

    Haris Cajic - 04.17.2018
  • digital transformation, single view of customer

    Embracing a Single View of the Customer to Drive Digital Transformation

    Companies are missing a golden opportunity to get to know their customers. A single view of the customer across all channels can create higher rates of customer engagement, retention, loyalty and advocacy.

    Eric Swanson - 04.11.2018
  • wireframes, UX design

    Creating Wireframes in the Real World

    Low-fidelity or high-fidelity wireframes? Axure or Sketch App? The tools and resources we use as UX Designers depend on the client, the project, and how the wireframes are being presented.

    Darcey Mullis - 04.04.2018
  • Adobe Summit 2018

    Sagepath's Top 5 Takeaways from Adobe Summit 2018

    The Adobe Summit 2018 is now history but if you didn't attend, we have you covered. Here are the Top 5 Takeaways you need from the world's largest digital conference.

    Kayla Amaral - 03.29.2018
  • Sagepath + Crownpeak Joint Webinar - 10 Best Practices for Successful Website Redesigns

    Overhauling an enterprise website presence is one of the most important projects you’ll embark on in your career as a global marketer. Your website is after all, the hub of your brand. It’s where you build relationships with your prospects and customers that ultimately drive revenue.

    Victoria Greendyke - 03.12.2018
  • store of the future, shop in stores, shop online

    Building Experiences Now for The Store of the Future

    It's become essential for business-to-consumer brands to understand the consumer journeys of their key personas and build in-store experiences that match consumers' evolving purchasing needs and behaviors.

    Victoria Greendyke - 02.26.2018
  • Augmented Reality, Digital Transformation Strategy, Customer Engagement

    Connected Reality

    See how Sagepath’s unique approach to augmented reality goes beyond the technology to create experiences that change consumer behavior and enhance brand affinity.

    Paul Collins - 02.05.2018
  • SEO, SEO strategy, SEO optimization, mobile optimization, website security, SEO best practices

    SEO Checklist for Brand New Websites

    How do new websites convince Google that this new site will provide a better experience for their users? Our lead SEO expert shares tips that can help you take on competitors who are firmly entrenched in search engine results pages.

    Haris Cajic - 02.05.2018
  • SEO tools, Spyfu, Semrush, Moz, Majestic, backlinks, competitor research, back links, SERP

    Powerful Features Offered by Your Favorite SEO Tools

    Hundreds of SEO tools are available, but which are worth your time? Our SEO expert shares some of the best and most useful features found in leading SEO tools.

    Haris Cajic - 01.31.2018
  • digital transformation, content management, CMS, ECM, network security

    Four Steps to Get Ready for Digital Transformation

    While true digital transformation often requires a period of planning, budgeting and consensus building, productive steps can still be taken during these planning stages so an infrastructure is already in place when it’s time to move from planning to implementation.

    Bruce White - 01.26.2018
  • keywords, keywords list, keyword strategy, seo optimization, website rankings

    Strategic Implications of Keyword Research

    Keyword lists are only as powerful as the strategy behind them. Learn how a strategic approach to filtering and implementing keywords on a site will take your SEO to the next level.

    Haris Cajic - 01.24.2018
  • Sagepath, Sagepath retrospective, Sagepath Summit, 2017 year in review,

    2017 Partner Events - A Year in Review

    Best. Year. Ever. See why 2017 was a watershed year for Sagepath, from our first Digital Summit to very special recognition by Gartner.

    Bruce White - 01.24.2018
  • content strategy, content strategy benefits, benefits of content strategy,

    Five Reasons Why Companies Need Content Strategy

    What a client sees as business problems are often actually content problems that can be solved by a sound content strategy. Yet it's not uncommon for companies to strike content strategy as a solution. Here are five things clients should know to grasp the full value content strategy can bring to their online marketing efforts.

    Bruce White - 01.19.2018
  • Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, dashboard, configuring charts

    Utilizing the Power of Google Sheets in Data Studio

    Data connectors such as Google Sheets allow you to organize much of your data in one place and use this data to power your dashboards. Learn how to set up and configure various types of charts in Data Studio and get them to display properly.

    Haris Cajic - 01.18.2018
  • strategy, Google analytics, social media, marketing strategy

    Analytics: Types of Data Points and How They Work Together

    The amount of data collected these days is unfathomable. In fact, there’s such an abundant amount of data collected that analysts have difficulty trying to determine what’s important.

    So how do you connect all of that information to give a holistic view into what’s happening? It could potentially take forever trying to connect certain data points; however, in order to be effective you need to focus on the key elements that you are trying to showcase.

    Sneh Parmar - 01.18.2018
  • strategy, SEO, search engine optimization, competitor analysis, keywords, keyword research, seo audit, on page seo, on-page seo

    SEO Audit 101

    An SEO audit is a procedure which documents a website’s performance based on a variety of factors. The overall goal is to identify and develop a strategy to tackle any SEO challenges the website faces.

    Haris Cajic - 01.11.2018
  • web accessibility, ADA compliance, web standards, Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA, W3C web content accessibility guidelines

    Web Accessibility Trends Part 3

    In Part 3 of our three-part review of web accessibility trends we share the four essential steps that can help ensure a smooth journey to ADA web compliance.

    Amanda Willig - 01.09.2018
  • digital strategy, digital transformation, monetizing, digital, monetizing social, social channels, b2c, marketo, salesforce

    Monetizing Digital Channels

    During Sagepath’s 2017 Digital Summit, the topic of monetizing digital channels was explored in detail by experts from several large businesses currently undergoing digital transformation. Naturally, the topic of social channels was brought up. In particular, the difficulty of monetizing social was echoed several times. We all hear stories of the massive potential of these channels, but how exactly are businesses turning a profit on social?

    Haris Cajic - 01.08.2018
  • social media, social media marketing, monetization, social media roi, monetize social media, monetizing social media, small business social media, small business marketing

    3 Steps to Monetizing Social Channels - Step 3

    In Step 3 of our three-part series on Monetizing Social Channels, we focus on organizing and reporting data via our favorite tool: Google Data Studio.

    Shauna Robertson - 01.04.2018
  • strategy, marketing, marketing automation, crm, sales and marketing, email campaign, e-mail campagin, cms tools, crs tools

    Marketing Automation

    Marketing automation has become a popular phrase in today's digital marketing ecosystem. You may find yourself wondering, "Why is marketing automation even important?" or, perhaps more importantly, "What exactly IS marketing automation?"

    Brittney Scarlett - 01.03.2018
  • web accessibility, ADA compliance, web standards, Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA, W3C web content accessibility guidelines

    Web Accessibility Trends Part 2

    Welcome back to our 3-Part Web Accessibility series. In Part 1, we provided a brief overview of what Web Accessibility is and how it pertains to your organization. There is a lot of information out there that lists the standards and guidelines but it can be very hard to actually interpret what they mean and know how to enhance your site to meet the standards. Let us help break it down for you.

    Amanda Willig - 12.29.2017
  • digital transformation, digital monetization; sagepath summit

    2017 Sagepath Digital Summit Debrief

    The Sagepath Digital Summit is an opportunity for digital leaders to come together to share and learn about upcoming trends in the industry.

    Victoria Greendyke - 11.21.2017
  • social media, social media marketing, monetization, social media roi, monetize social media, monetizing social media, small business social media, small business marketing

    3 Steps to Monetize Your Social Media Channel - Step 2

    If you’re like most businesses, you’ve probably spent a decent amount of money and resources on your social media presence. In this three-part Monetizing Your Social Media Channel series, we’ll walk you through how to use data to prove that Social works and, if used properly, can contribute to those dollars and cents. 

    Shauna Robertson - 11.03.2017
  • Sitecore, Sitecore Symposium, Sitecore Experience Platform 9, Sitecore Xconnect, Sitecore Cortex, Sitecore Experience Cloud

    Sitecore Symposium 2017 Recap

    What happened in Vegas isn't staying in Vegas. We're back from Sagepath Summit 2017 with exciting news about Sitecore's unveiling of the Experience Platform Version 9. Get a sneak peak at the new features and learn when we'll be moving customers to the expanded capabilities to be found in V9.1.

    Victoria Greendyke - 10.25.2017
  • web accessibility, ADA compliance, web standards, Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA, W3C web content accessibility guidelines

    Web Accessibility Trends 101: A 3-Part Series

    In this three-part series, we’ll demystify ADA compliance and explain the ins and outs of web accessibility to help you get started on the journey to ADA compliance.

    Amanda Willig - 10.09.2017
  • sagepath digital summit, digital transformation, digital strategy, digital strategies, marketing technology, marketing technologies

    Sagepath Digital Summit 2017

    Join us on Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 for Sagepath’s annual Digital Summit where the topic will be Monetizing your Company’s Digital Footprint.

    Victoria Greendyke - 10.09.2017
  • digital monetization, e-commerce, omni channel marketing, marketing, online marketing, marketing strategies, omnichannel, cross channel marketing

    Digital Monetization: A Shaw Case Study

    Our work with Shaw Floors was rooted in driving incremental sales in Shaw locations by providing a lead generation mobile app called Floorvana. The Floorvana app was built to increase in-store sales via two methods.

    Victoria Greendyke - 10.09.2017
  • adobe target, sitecore, personalization

    Adobe Target vs Sitecore Personalization Live Debate

    Our first-ever meet-up debate takes a detailed look into Adobe Target vs. Sitecore Personalization. Join us on October 12, 2017, for a look at the nuts and bolts of Adobe Target vs. Sitecore.

    Sagepath - 10.05.2017
  • SageTalk, digital monetization, e-commerce, omni channel marketing, marketing, online marketing, marketing strategies, omnichannel, cross channel marketing

    SageTalk: Eric Swanson on Digital Monetization

    Sagepath Principal Eric Swanson shares insights into the keys for successful digital monetization.

    Sagepath - 09.27.2017
  • facebook likes, social campaigns, social marketing, page likes, social advertising

    A Frail Foundation - The Deceptive Nature of Cheap Facebook Likes

    Many businesses believe that a Facebook page needs to have hundreds of thousands of likes to seem legitimate. While this is somewhat true, the means by which page likes are acquired can compromise the integrity of future social campaigns on the platform. For the inexperienced social marketer, obtaining page likes for a fraction of a penny may look good on paper, but you will eventually pay the price.

    Haris Cajic - 09.25.2017
  • social media, social media marketing, monetization, social media roi, monetize social media, monetizing social media, small business social media, small business marketing

    3 Steps to Monetize Your Social Media Channel: Step 1

    If you’re like most businesses, you’ve probably spent a decent amount of money and resources on your social media presence. In this three-step Monetizing Your Social Media Channel series, we’ll walk you through how to use data to prove that Social works and, if used properly, can contribute to those dollars and cents.

    Shauna Robertson - 09.18.2017
  • Strategy, SEO, Adwords, AdWords success, AdWords bidding, Google AdWords, quality score, managing keywords, Google Adwords campaign, profitable adwords campaign

    Turning Off Autopilot : Why You Need to Monitor Your Profitable AdWords Campaigns

    Even if you are seeing great results, there are always opportunities to optimize AdWords. Here are some of the most important areas of your AdWords campaigns you should be monitoring.

    Haris Cajic - 08.17.2017
  • strategy, marketing, back to school, back-to-school, bts, retail, shopping, bts marketing, back to school tips, online marketing, ecommerce strategies, back to school season

    Retail Marketing’s 2017 Holiday Readiness Assessment Guide

    To help your marketing organization get prepared, we've put together a few insider tips to help online e-commerce marketers get an increase of over 250% click-through on all seasonal promotions.

    Victoria Greendyke - 08.10.2017
  • AEM, adobe experience manager, adobe meetup, meet up, sagepath event, sagepath meetup

    5 Great Ideas from Sagepath's June 2017 AEM Meetup

    Explore five great ideas that came out of The Atlanta AEM Meetup group's Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Component Showcase & Digital Asset Management (DAM) Implementation event at Sagepath headquarters on June 22, 2017.

    Connie Tran - 08.07.2017
  • scrum, iterations, strategy, agile, software, development

    8 Reasons Why Hardening Sprints Are Truly Necessary

    What happens when release constraints, system failures and other dependencies make on-time, finished delivery impossible? That’s when you insert your hardening sprint.

    Brittney Scarlett - 07.06.2017
  • strategy, adwords, marketing, pay-per-click, pay per click, ppc campaigns, cost-per-click, cpc, conversion

    Common AdWords Mistakes That Can Hold Back Campaigns

    The question clients ask when I conduct an audit of Google AdWords pay-per-click campaigns is the same each time: “Why are our campaigns failing?” The answer can mean tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted or gained each month. The solution to this problem, as it turns out, is usually very simple and grounded in some standard marketing practices.

    Haris Cajic - 07.05.2017
  • strategy, personalization, eCommerce, personalization, loyalty programs, consumer profile, data, permission-based marketing

    Hyper-personalization Demystified for Retail Brands

    Hyper-personalization is known to increase e-commerce conversions by over 300%. No wonder, then, that it’s a trending topic in the retail industry.  But what is hyper-personalization and how do we implement its strategies?

    Victoria Greendyke - 06.30.2017
  • strategy, UX, user experience, discovery, discovery sessions, successful discovery sessions, productive discovery sessions

    Preparing Clients for Discovery Sessions

    The goal of a discovery session at the outset of any project is to set a foundation that ultimately leads to a path to success. Learn how you can help your client make this valuable session as productive as possible.

    Heather Buchanan - 06.28.2017
  • marketing strategy, eCommerce, e-commerce, digital marketing, analytics

    Sagepath's 5-Step Retailer e-Commerce Tool Kit

    Sagepath’s five-step e-commerce toolkit provides our clients with the foundation for proven success.

    Victoria Greendyke - 06.23.2017
  • strategy, Sitecore, customer experience, marketing automation, personalization, e-commerce, ecommerce, subscription, cross-selling

    Humanize e-Commerce to Increase Revenue by 250%

    With an increasingly younger target audience and ever-evolving retail landscape, BIC challenged Sagepath to rethink its eCommerce approach and breathe new life into its online experience to drive brand awareness and increase sales by reimagining and personalizing each customer's purchase experience.

    Victoria Greendyke - 06.12.2017
  • strategy, software development life cycle, agile methodology, project management, waterfall

    Waterfall vs Agile: Creating a Hybrid That Works

    The two most common and popular models to manage the software development cycle lifecycle are Waterfall and Agile.  Project Managers need a methodology to keep their SDLC project moving forward and on track. But which process is best for managing software development life cycles? We suggest a blend that brings out the best strengths in both.

    Jessica Damato - 06.02.2017
  • strategy, scrum, agile, iterations, sprints, sizing

    Just A Small Tweak

    Decreased time to market, increased customer satisfaction and stronger team morale are some of the benefits your projects may start experiencing by adopting scrum methodology.

    Brittney Scarlett - 05.23.2017
  • seo, direct traffic, direct vs organic, organic traffic, search traffic, seo traffic

    The Curious Case of the Missing Direct Traffic

    A little while ago, a client pointed out that the traffic to their blog had dropped significantly since launching a new site in September of 2016. The initial thought was that maybe something in the new site design had a negative impact on SEO. We decided to do a little investigating.

    Haris Cajic - 05.04.2017
  • strategy, SEO, backlinks, backlinking methods, backlinking strategies, effective link building strategies, linkbuilding strategy, linkbuilding techniques

    What One Month of Effective Link Building Looks Like

    Google has made no secret of the value backlinks provide to websites trying to rank higher on the search engine. If you can implement a strategy for consistently acquiring relevant, authoritative backlinks to your site, you will see similar results to the ones I’m about to show.

    Haris Cajic - 04.26.2017
  • local seo, local search, landing pages, seo landing pages, search engine optimization, business locations, local business, small business

    Crafting SEO-Optimized Location Pages in 2017 — The Complete Beginner-to-Expert Guide

    Businesses with brick-and-mortar stores or those targeting specific locations must provide discrete, optimized location pages to truly maximize their visibility for local searches.

    Haris Cajic - 04.06.2017
  • strategy, personas, UX, Sitecore, conversion optimization, ecommerce, personalization

    Improve UX and Drive Conversion with Personalization

    Brands now have access to technology that makes every customer feel special but while there are many components available for personalized consumer experiences, many brands struggle with implementing this personalization on their sites.

    Sneh Parmar - 03.30.2017
  • strategy, social media, social media strategies, marketing strategies, social media marketing, social media metrics, social media analytics

    Social Media in the New World

    Is your brand struggling to be heard in a noisy digital space? At Sagepath, we evaluate your brand’s core, your business’s unique influences, and apply creative concepts to these objectives to develop effective social media strategies. While a strategy and plan are two important factors in achieving social media success, it is vital to understand that not every post will drive high engagement rates, an outpouring of website traffic, or convert to sales.

    Purvi Patel - 03.16.2017